Glossy future for respected mag

It begun life as the voice of amateur theatre on a scratchy newsprint in Melbourne in 1990.

It begun life as the voice of amateur theatre on a scratchy newsprint in Melbourne in 1990.

Now Stage Whispers Magazine has gone full colour and semi-gloss as it approaches its 20th birthday.

Almost three years ago the magazine had only a faint pulse.

Circulation had been in decline for many years owing to its patchy editorial and layout.

Two of the regular contributors, David Spicer (Sydney journalist and theatrical agent) and Neil Litchfield (Drama Teacher) took the plunge and purchased the magazine at a time of great decline in print readership.

“We are pleased to report that in every edition bar one – we have increased the number of subscribers,” said Spicer.

“We now print around 4000 copies every issue. At the same time our website has had more than 100,000 visits this year.” 

Stage Whispers is published every two months and covers professional, community and school theatre.

“The magazine exists to encourage people to attend and participate in the performing arts at all levels,” Spicer said.

Unique features include an average of 50 reviews of professional and community theatre productions across Australia.

There is a comprehensive list of What’s On Stage in every state.

The November/December edition takes a special look at Seasons 2011, with a summary of the seasons of State Theatre companies across Australia.

It also includes

* Profile on Australia’s hottest actor  Ewen Leslie
* John Frost’s big gamble
* Memories of Dame Joan
* A Dance lesson from Nancye Hayes
* How ‘Beaudy’ Producer blew $350,000

“Most performing arts magazines tend to fold – so to last 20 years is a special achievement,” said Spicer.

“It has survived, and it beginning to thrive, because of the enthusiasm of our contributors, and now the incredibly long hours put in by our Editor Neil Litchfield.

“People who are passionate about theatre love the magazine. We trust readers will love it more now that it looks and feels much better.”

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