Own house more important for Pia

Pia Miranda has pulled out of the upcoming Black Swan Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre Company production of The Clean House.

Miranda was originally named as part of the cast but made the decision to withdraw after giving birth to a baby girl in late March.

A statement issued by Black Swan Theatre Company said the decision to withdraw was based on the “conflicting demands that she would have been facing having a newborn baby whilst committing to an intense rehearsal period and performing the play in two different capital cities”.

Miranda will be replaced by Brooke Satchwell.

Kate Cherry, the Artistic Director of the Black Swan Theatre Company, said the decision by Miranda to pull out of the show was understandable.

“I am disappointed at losing Pia, but knowing first-hand the demands one’s first baby places on a new mother, I completely understand and support Pia’s decision,” Cherry said.

“I wish her and her baby daughter all the best for these critical first months which are so precious for both mother and child. I look forward to working with Brooke, who I have wanted to collaborate with for a long time. I admire her adventurous spirit and sense of humour and think she will bring a great sense of fun to the role of Matilde.”

Rehearsals for The Clean House start in Perth on April 27. The play previews at the Playhouse Theatre from May 29, with the season running until June 19. The Clean House will be performing at Brisbane’s Cremorne Theatre from June 28 to July 31.

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