The Apologists is coming to Sydney

A Secretary of State for Health and Social Care makes a racist comment to her attending doctor when her child is rushed into hospital; a prominent travel writer is held responsible for a suicide after a scathing review; an employee of an aid organisation demands the recompense she truly needs from the CEO after a disingenuous public apology.

After a highly successful tour of the UK, Unlikely Productions is bringing The Apologists to Sydney, starring acclaimed Australian actress Gabrielle Scawthorn.

The Apologists presents three topical stories which, when combined, provide a powerful examination of the meaning of the act of apology, the complex power play at work between the giver and the receiver of an apology, and whether we are responsible for the context of our actions. Each solo story focuses on a female character, a high-profile woman, and the issues raised also shine a light on gender inequality and social justice.

Written by Lucinda Burnett (Correspondence), Cordelia O’Neill (No Place for a Woman) and Iskandar Sharazuddin (The Lift of Cardboard), directed by Jane Moriarty (The RSC, The National, Shakespeare’s Globe), associate directed by Rachel Chant (The Village Bike) and performed
by Gabrielle Scawthorn (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, The Killing Fields, The Village Bike), the spotlight is on our obsession for words – whether empty, truthful or even justified.

Gabrielle Scawthorn says:

In many ways, the public apology is the ultimate act of solo performance. We see so many acts of public apologies these days. You only have to read or hear the news to find public apology, or in some cases non-apology, all the time. Prince Andrew, The Pope, Justin Timberlake. We are constantly deconstructing the authenticity of this act, the way one might deconstruct a piece of theatre. The public apology is a performative reckoning in the age of performative politics.

The Apologists is a female-led production showcasing the work of a female director, performer and two female playwrights, as well as the work of an Australian/South-East Asian writer to a wider audience.

The Apologists

Venue: Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown
Season: 20-31 January 2021
Times: Wednesday – Thursday 7.30pm, Friday – Saturday 6pm & 8.30pm, Sunday 4pm
Price: $40 (including first drink), concession $30 with discount code CONCESSION (including first drink)

Bookings:  CLICK HERE

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