The Odd Couple are coming to Newtown

A group of guys have gathered to play cards in Oscar Madison’s filthy apartment. With all that mess, is it any wonder his wife left him? And how exactly does clean-freak guest Fleix Unger end up rooming with him? Find out in Newtown!

King Street Theatre Logo
King Street Theatre Logo

That’s right, it’s the original Odd Couple. First a Neil Simon play, it’s probably best known from the Walter Matthau/Jack Lemon film and the long running TV series of the same name, but it’s been taken on, and satirised, a number of times.

It’s even been rebooted lately with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon.

But this is the Neil Simon play, a celebration of the beginning, at Newtown’s King Street Theatre.

Directed by Mark Power, this production will feature Craig Walker, Calib James, Danny Folpp, Ben Smith, Carlos Sivalingam, Mark Power, Kendall Goddard and Jessica Whitford.

The Odd Couple, produced by Providential Productions and EMU Productions, will play at the King St Theatre from 14 July – 1 August 2015. Tickets are available here.


Cassie Tongue

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Cassie Tongue

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