Vocal Alchemy Winners Announced

Vocal Alchemy - Broadway Voice Workshop

Over the last two weeks, entries have been flooding in for our Vocal Alchemy Singing Workshop Giveaway, and we are pleased to announce that winners have now been selected for the Brisbane and Melbourne Broadway Voice Workshops.

The entries have been poured over by Tim and Laura at Vocal Alchemy and they have chosen winners based on their specific questions about the voice.

At the conclusion of each workshop Tim Smith will address each specific question and provide answers for AussieTheatre readers.

There are still places available for both workshops for more information on the workshops visit: www.vocalalchemy.com.au

Workshop Dates:
Brisbane: 19 & 20 May 2012

Sydney: 1, 2 & 3 June 2012 


Our Sydney Participant place goes to:

Dianne Alde

For her question…

How do I achieve a strong, and consistent Broadway belt when all my training has been in classical and bel canto technique. I have great control of my low/middle/high registers, and am very familiar with all the different resonators, but why do i struggle to achieve volume and a powerful attack comfortably? What happens when a trained singer does not practice their scales and song work daily even though they have a strong understanding of proper placement and support. Is it true that a singer will loose their technique completely if regular practice is not completed daily?

Our Brisbane Participant place goes to:

Jemmah Peacock

For her question…

How do I get past that breaking point of your voice when you know you can sing further but your voice starts to break and go all shakey like when a boys voice cracks. How do you get past that and hit the big notes?

And in addition we have added a special commendation for the most humorous and creative question…

For this an Observer place goes to 

Jessica O’Bryan

for her priceless question …

Why do I get angry when Kyle Sandilands disses Musical Theatre in public?

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Participants from Melbourne and Adelaide have had this to say about their Broadway Voice 2012 experience.

“Learning the differences in techniques – It is GOLD! Loved it,  I will enroll again next time.” – Tessa James

“Finally understanding what belt really is. It is so useful for singers of all styles and levels” – Leonie Thompson

“Thanks to both you and Tim, for what i can best describe as a totally absorbing and enthralling workshop. I can’t remember ever being so intently focussed for that amount of time at any other workshop I’ve attended in the past.” – Geoff Earle


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Matt Edwards

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