Williamson’s new play set for premiere

A new World Premiere play by David Williamson will open at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney on Friday night.

A new World Premiere play by David Williamson will open at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney on Friday night.

It commenced previews last Thursday.

The play, Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica, is a reflection on tolerance, hope, the need for connection, and the recognition that very few of us go unscathed through life.

What do a classical musician and retired country and western singer have in common? Not a lot according to Monica (Georgie Parker) who really just wants Gary (Glenn Hazeldine), aka Rhinestone Rex, to do the job he’s being paid for and renovate her kitchen. She hates his taste in music, his attitudes to women and the plinths he wants to put under her kitchen cabinets. Gary can’t find much about Monica to recommend to anyone but still finds her attractive in a cold, rigid and inflexible kind of way. Can they find a way past all their conflicts towards a harmonious and fulfilling relationship? Or will their differences keep them from making beautiful music together?

When asked recently ‘What is your initial starting point when developing a script for performance?’ David Williamson replied: “Something I have experienced or heard about that arouses my interest and emotions. Sometimes it is simply an image. With my latest play Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica, it started when I watched a  female violinist in a large orchestra and wondered what her life was really like.  When I started interviewing violinists I started to find the answers were not what I thought they would be. The one thing they seemed to have in common was an acute dislike of country and western music, so of course my playwright’s mind started to say, What if?”

Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica is master playwright Williamson’s 43rd play, and director Sandra Bates’ 5th Williamson World Premiere and her 12th Wiliamson production in 12 years. 

Bates has teamed twice Gold Logie winner and one of Australia and Ensemble Theatre’s favourite actresses, Georgie Parker with Glenn Hazeldine, one of Ensemble’s  favourite actors.

The production enjoyed four sold out “tryout” performances in July this year at the Noosalongweekend Festival founded by David and Kristin Williamson, before its World Premiere season at Ensemble Theatre in September. 

Bookings: (02) 9929 0644.

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