Ticket A42: #2 Euan Doidge

Ticket A42
Ticket A42
Ticket A42: #2 Euan Doidge

Euan-Doidge-Selfie-#TicketA42John O’Hara catches up with performer Euan Doidge to talk about playing Marius in Les Miserables,  his TICKET A42 story and why they both wish they were Mermen.

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Twitter: @euan_doidge
Instagram: @euandoidge
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Twitter – @JohnJamesOhara
Instagram – @JohnJamesOhara

Mentioned during the show:

Catch Euan in:

Les Miserables

Melbourne Until December 20 2014 – TICKETS
Perth Opens January 2015 – TICKETS
 Opens March 2015 – TICKETS
Twitter – @LesMisOz
Instagram – @LesMisOz

Catch John in:

WICKED the Musical

Sydney from September 20 2014 – TICKETS
Brisbane from February 14 2015 – TICKETS
Twitter – @wickedinoz
Instagram – @wickedinoz

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