Brisbane Comedy Festival: Rhys Nicholson in Eurgh

Ryse Nicolson in Eurgh
Ryse Nicolson in Eurgh
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Rhys Nicholson’s Eurgh is a comedy confessional full of laughs.

In a black and white striped suit, complete with bow tie, big glasses and bright red hair, 23 year-old Rhys Nicholson cut a striking figure in his show Eurgh, part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival. In the tradition of the likes of Josh Thomas, he is the epitome of the smart, self-aware Gen-Y comedian.

Nicholson’s personal, almost confessional, style of comedy was perfect for an intimate venue like the Brisbane Powerhouse’s Turbine Studio, even if, as Nicholson pointed out, it felt rather like a bomb shelter. Verging on uncomfortably honest at times, Nicholson was not afraid to exploit his own foibles for laughs and many of his jokes penetrated deeper than just surface mirth. His show was full of astute psychological analysis of both himself and people in general, but also included unexpectedly risque moments.

Personal anecdotes peppered his performance, including the perks and pitfalls of touring, the time he met a guard llama, and his grandmother’s unexpectedly feisty defence of same sex marriage during a sermon at her local church.

Nicholson displayed the skill of a good comedian, encouraging his audience to look at life’s little idiosyncrasies with fresh eyes. His strong voice, sharp observations, and even sharper suit, made for an excellent night of comedy and contemplation. Eurgh was a little bit cynical, always honest, and ultimately a fond look at modern life.

Rhys Nicholson’s Eurgh was presented as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival held at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 4 – 8 March.

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