Involuntary – One Point 618 and Adelaide Festival Centre

Photo: Chris Herzfeld

The marketing of Involuntary promised highly-charged, dangerous dance through images of dancers, launched precariously amongst a clutter of tape, cords and cables. Unfortunately, the electricity promised was not to be found in the resulting work.

This performance is definitely enjoyable, but it lacks the spark and energy promised.

All the ingredients are seemingly there… the design, costumes, direction, etc.  Choreography is juggled well by Katrina Lazaroff and her team of collaborators, complimented by a great, mature cast of dancers with excellent acting abilities.

The production requires research, time and development of the idea.  The use of some tried and true drama theatre workshop exercises are perhaps more suited to a theatre in education show.

The content of the show is very relevant and you would be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t identify with one of the characters in the show. The dance and movement moments are accessible and easily digested, providing great discussion pieces for audience development.

Overall, Involuntary is a well-constructed, produced and performed production, if not slightly over directed and acted. It’s retro, safe, and lacking in danger and electricity, presenting a “newness” that is unexpected.

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