Melbourne Fringe: Backstage with The Thurmans

AboutFace Productions invite us into the weird and whimsical world of The Thurman Family Ensemble to witness the backstage goings-on of their latest travelling variety spectacular.

Backstage With The Thurmans, Melbourne Fringe

Performing in total silence, this thoroughly hapless but endearing troupe of familial vaudevillians is utterly captivating as they astound and astonish with acts of dance, clowning, puppetry, acrobatics, magic and one heck of an escapology routine.

The unified design of the set, costumes and masks echoes the vibrant pastels and rustic aesthetic of a home-made dolls house, and the simplistic family dynamic, comprised of easily recognisable archetypes and tropes, plays out like a contemporary Commedia dell’Arte farce.

The ensemble, headed by Tim Denton and Annie Forbes, execute their physical craft with exceptional detail and precision and present a rich visual experience that will surely ensnare the imaginations of audiences young and old.

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