Melbourne Fringe: Post-Post

Post-Post is a surreal comedy. A mixture of slapstick gags (sometimes cringe-worthy), puns and boundless energy from creators-performers Harley Hefford and Carly Milroy.


We’re sitting in a crowded little room in front of a set made entirely of paper and tape. Post-Post sets itself in the surreal world of snail mail, of stamps and yellow envelopes, in which we meet two unlikely postal workers who suddenly realise their career in the postal service is coming to an end.

Why? Progress. A world where everyone is connected and no one believes in the romance of the old ways; a fast-paced society of couriers and protein shakes. Chaos ensues when the two workers hatch a dubious scheme to popularise the dying method of communication once more.

It’s a work characterised by its good taste, clever plot and clean humour; yet, it speaks to our times. It points towards the inevitable changes that occur, or have been occurring, since the events of the industrial revolution. Where technology, speed and utility replace imagination, skill and a bit of superfluity. Such advancements replace us so rapidly, we barely realise until it’s perhaps too late.

Overall, Post-Post is a work with some great writing, a strong technical side and great energy from the performers. A breath of fresh air this Fringe season.

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