Melbourne Fringe: Sophisticated Lady

This is no ‘greatest hits’ tribute show. Sophisticated Lady strips away the gloss of idolism from three of the most influential and iconic figures of jazz to examine the humanity beneath.

Sophisticated Lady, Melbourne Fringe

Showcased here are three profoundly strong and talented women, coloured by their vulnerabilities and imperfections, doing their best to navigate the personal, professional and creative pressures of their respective lives and careers.

Mama Alto is heartbreaking as the physically frail and embittered Holiday, nearing her end; Ilana Charnelle retains a tender twinkle as the disenfranchised and cynical Garland; and Satta shines with every ounce of the young Fitzgerald’s trademark light, warmth and optimism.

The staging is immersive and organic; Caleb Darwent’s script is rich and thoughtful, and the music, directed by Miss Chief and Nicholas Gray, testifies to the vocal gravity of each unique voice. This is cabaret at its most elegant.


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