MICF: Diana Nguyen, Naked

Funny, clever and incredibly entertaining, Diana Nguyen’s Naked is an absolute joy to watch.

Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen

While the show explores some dark topics, Nguyen’s huge smile and good nature means the show moves along with plenty of laughs. Armed with a ukulele and a piano, her interactions with the audience, especially through song, are goofy and wonderful, while her stories, which heavily feature her mum, have a delightful warmth to them.

As a performer, Nguyen is enchanting and engaging and definitely deserves more roles beyond the “sex worker” roles she generally gets. She is a brilliant talent that needs to be seen, both here and overseas.

Diana Nguyen, Naked
Review Date:12 April 2016
Venue:The Butterfly Club
Closing Date:17 April 2016
Topics Mentioned:

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