MICF: Squeaky Clean

If you’re a believer in the dinner party rule of not discussing sex, religion or politics, then you may find Squeaky Clean Comedy, a show featuring a number of performers, to your taste. Notably the show is raising funds so that World Vision can address sanitation problems in developing countries.

Squeaky Clean Comedy
Squeaky Clean Comedy

The review night didn’t get off to a great start due to a very slowly moving queue outside of the venue, and certainly wouldn’t have been squeaky clean if it had been raining. Front of house staff may like to consider how they can process tickets more efficiently for the two remaining Saturday shows at MICF 2012.

There was a range of acts on the night, of differing standards, but the varied line up meant that a misfiring act didn’t hang around long, and most acts achieved at least some laughs. Michael Williams’s crayon drawings to accompany his stand-up gathered some good laughs from the audience. Final two acts Mike Klimczak and Danny McGinlay gave performances that were a lot sharper than others on the bill.

Welcome changes to the mostly stand-up offerings were provided by the enthusiastic physical comedy of Noreen and Doreen, and ventriloquist Sarah Jones showed talent with her creation Kitten getting some good laughs with pacy delivery.

I understand the appeal of a clean comedy show, but was hoping for clean comedy with more bite along the lines of Jerry Seinfeld or even with odd twists in the style of Jeff Green. If you find that you enjoy a discussion of taboos in your comedy, maybe leave Squeaky Clean Comedy for those seeking to avoid  contentious material.

Squeaky Clean

Company: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012
Review Date: Saturday 07 April 2012
Presented By: Candlelight Productions
Venue: Melbourne City Conference Centre
Closing Date: 21/04/2012
Online: comedyfestival.com.au

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