MICF: Zoe McDonald – Good Morning Mofo


It’s Women’s Week on Channel 8 and you’re about to spend some time with the stars and guests of their morning television show Brunch.

Zoe McDonald at MICF
Zoe McDonald at MICF

Good Morning Mofo is a collection of characters that populate a breakfast television show – and they are as wacky and off-the-wall as you might imagine. There’s a real skill in what McDonald achieves in switching from character to character and giving each one distinct mannerisms and patterns of speech. The show moves quickly, but you’re never lost about which character you’re listening to.

But while this array of broad characters certainly illicits laughs, I wish it added up to something more. There’s some interesting ideas in there about women on television and how they are perceived, but the satire isn’t pointed enough. And I would have liked to know some of these characters better. The show jumps around so much, the backstage drama behind the comedy gets lost.


Zoe McDonald – Good Morning Mofo
Review Date: 3 Apr 2016, 7:30pm
Presented By: Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Venue: Bagging Room, Malthouse Theatre
Closing Date: 17 April 2016
Online: comedyfestival.com.au
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MICF: Zoe McDonald – Good Morning Mofo