Opening Doors – Perth

Opening Doors
Matthew Robinson and Lucy Durack. Image by Blueprint Studios

Last night, on a wet, wintery Perth evening, I ventured Downstairs at the Maj to see the Perth premiere of Opening Doors.

Opening Doors is a chance for Perth Audiences to see two of the most talented people in Australian musical theatre (Matthew Robinson and Lucy Durack) perform in an intimate setting.  And what a privilege it is to watch these two perform, as they present songs from Robinson’s vast  catalogue of music and world premier songs from his latest musical, Atlantis.

And if the premier of his two songs is anything to go by, he has a hit, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the score.

Robinson and Durack’s respect and love for one another’s talents is evident. A simple nod or smile is all that is needed for these two to communicate to each other.

The show is aptly titled Opening Doors as the two stars take the audience through the past Five years  – recounting the projects that have opened doors to their careers. Songs from My Fair Lady and Wicked, highlight some of the productions which have done just that.

The two also used the evening to announce their latest successes. Matthew had just received a substantial Arts Grant which will enable him to travel to New York to workshop his latest musical, and Durack has just signed a record company deal for three albums over the next two years.

There are many standout moments in the ninety minute cabaret. Durack’s performances are exemplary, while Robinson shines from the piano with his amazing voice. As with most concerts, there was not one song from his catalogue that I did not enjoy. I left the night wanting more and hope his reading of his new musical, Atlantis, in New York next month, finds investors and its way back to Australian shores.

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