Review: Knock Knock

Knock Knock - Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts . Image Supplied.
Knock Knock – Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts . Image Supplied.

A door is something very symbolic. A closed door can mean security, entrapment, an ending or the unknown. An open door can mean hope, beginnings, unknown possibilities.

Knock Knock – the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts’ (ACPA) end of year show – centres around these various meanings and roles that a door can have in our lives. At first it seemed like a series of unconnected skits, but they evolved into a narrative that followed the lives of two young people struggling to conform to other’s expectations of who they should be. This show highlights the importance of knowing who you are and the dangers of following other’s dreams instead of your own.

Knock Knock was devised by the teachers and students at ACPA. Its structure is interesting as it is narrated by the character of the writer who discusses structure and character development throughout. In this way, the show is as much a discussion of the creative process as it is of life- characters sometimes don’t behave the way you want, and stories don’t always turn out the way you had planned. As it is, the show is well structured and engaging, however it could benefit from further development – tightening of dialogue, and character development in particular. The original music and dance interspersed throughout the show was vibrant and showcased the student’s ability to perform tight ensemble work.

Knock Knock played at QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre from the 5th to the 7th of November.

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