Self Esteem – The Soundtrack: Melbourne Fringe

Bobby Blue is not all right. In fact, she’s kind of a mess, careening from egomania to soul-crushing despair and back again.

Self Esteem - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016
Self Esteem – Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

We discover her in her bedroom, and her life (or lack thereof) over the last couple of weeks starts to unravel. From her insistence that she is a Killer Queen, through to her poorly-thought-out idea for a reality food show to star in, there is a sense from very early on that the façade of self-confidence is not going to hold up to scrutiny.

Self Esteem – The Soundtrack is exactly the sort of show that fringe festivals are for: glorious messes that seem constantly on the brink of not working yet hum with vitality.



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