The Ultimate Vegas Show: Jupiters Casino

The Ultimate Vegas Show - Jupiters Casino [photo: Tommy Campion]
The Ultimate Vegas Show – Jupiters Casino
photo: Tommy Campion
If you want the heat and sparkle of Vegas, my suggestion is to head to Las Vegas.

The Ultimate Vegas Show, which just opened at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, gives a taste of Vegas, but nothing quite measures up to feasting on the real thing.

What is a Vegas tribute show without an Elvis impersonator? Dean Vegas as Elvis lifted the mood although David Cotter as Dean Martin slightly fumbled his way through many segues of the night. Illusionist Michael Boyd’s acts were impressive and showed a warm connection to the crowd.

The standout of the night was the incomparable master comedic juggler Romano Frediani, whose experience and bloodline of eight generations of circus performers made the crowd roar with laughter and delight at his engaging act. It is worth seeing this show if only to bear witness to his genius, and the show would have benefited greatly by giving more stage time to this entertaining act.

Romano Frediani - The Ultimate Vegas Show,  Jupiters Casino [photo: Tommy Campion]
Romano Frediani – The Ultimate Vegas Show, Jupiters Casino
photo: Tommy Campion
There was some sizzle when it came to the dancers including an energetic African inspired tribal dance which had the crowd’s energy pumping for at least five minutes. Credit to the fantastic dance team lead by two stunning Melbourne dancers (Kelly Byrne and Kiara Kieser of SYTYCD) and to the top choreography by Todd Patrick.

Overall, The Ultimate Vegas Show lacks a little metaphorical sparkle from the real deal, which although was made up for in the costumes, the variety show needed just a little more je ne sais quoi to razzle dazzle us.

Rebecca Grennan

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Rebecca Grennan

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