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Warren Jones, Lenore Smith, Jamie Oxenbould and Di Adams in When Dad Married Fury. Image by Steve Lunam
Warren Jones, Lenore Smith, Jamie Oxenbould and Di Adams in When Dad Married Fury. Image by Steve Lunam

Is there anything wrong with seeing a safe, predictable yet entertaining piece of theatre?

I quite like to know that after a long day I can see something that will me away from my every day world, will make me laugh and will keep me entertained. Yes, there are times where I like to be challenged and to think outside the box but I don’t think there is anything wrong with descending into a darkened theatre knowing I will enjoy what is presented to me on stage because it just works.

David Williamson is playing it safe at the Ensemble Theatre. He knows his formula to present an entertaining piece of theatre and he has kept true to it for When Dad Married Fury.

Ian (Warren Jones) and Ben (Jamie Oxenbould) are concerned about their father (Nick Tate) who is recently widowed, has a very impressive fortune and is recently engaged to the much younger Texan girl Fury (Cheree Cassidy).

The sons are concerned about their inheritance and that it isn’t fair that their father’s new bride will walk away with a considerable bulk of the fortune. Following the advice from Ian’s wife Sue (Lenore Smith) both Ian and Ben decide to confront their father about their concerns.

To make matters worse Ben’s wife Laura (Di Adams) father recently killed himself as he has lost the family fortune through bad investment advice from Ben’s father and she wants Ben to get the money back from his father… interesting to see the character development around the theme of greed.

Sandra Bates has directed this straightforward piece of theatre. There were definitely opening night nerves when this play was viewed but it didn’t detract from the overall success of the piece.

Warren Jones, Cheree Cassidy, Jamie Oxenbould, Lenore Smith in When Dad Married Fury. Image by Steve Lunam
Warren Jones, Cheree Cassidy, Jamie Oxenbould, Lenore Smith in When Dad Married Fury. Image by Steve Lunam

David Williamson has written a story that is all about the greed of a family about inheritance. There are references to the recent global financial crisis and the Ponzi scheme that saw numerous innocent families lose entire fortunes from bad investments advise and it seems that the father has adopted these similar practices to make his fortune.

What was interesting about this story was understanding the motive behind someone who knew his investment advice was risky and yet he still allowed people to place their hard earned money in such precarious situations… the things we will do for a buck!

What was great about this production was witnessing Lorraine Bayly (as Laura’s Mother) grace the stage. There is something warm and endearing about her and in this performance, and she demands empathy from her audience. Warren Jones (as Ian) in the beginning is a spoilt, money obsessed son who does not want to share his inheritance with his father’s new family. He plays the type of individual that makes your skin crawl but in the end he shows some redeeming factors, which Jones performed with subtlety. Cheree Cassidy (as Fury) is great on stage, playing a narrow minded, tea party toting, bible bashing, right winged Texan to perfection. She can also deliver a laugh or two!

The Ensemble Theatre is a great place to go and be entertained. You know when you visit the place to view their theatre you will laugh, you will cry and you know you will be taken away from your world for at least two hours.

When Dad Married Fury is currently playing at the Ensemble Theatre and runs until the end of June.

Due to popular demand, two extra performances at Theatre Royal –  Fri June 22 at 8pm and Sat June 23 at 2pm

When Dad Married Fury

Company: The Ensemble Theatre
Review Date: Wednesday 09 May 2012
Venue: The Ensemble Theatre
Opening Date: 09/05/2012
Closing Date: 16/06/2012

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