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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Pennsylvania Avenue

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Pennsylvania Avenue

Good sequels are rare and unique. Like The Godfather Part II, Empire Strikes Back and Toy Story 2, this sequel reunites its original team of Joanna Murray-Smith (playwright), Simon Phillips (director) and powerhouse performer Bernadette Robinson to be one of the greats in sequels for the stage. Robinson is once again holding her own, recounting… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Meow Meow: His Master’s Choice

Meow Meow. Image by Karl Giant

The undeniable Queen of Kamikaze Kabarett has, upon the request of new Cabaret Festival curator, returned to Adelaide to stupefy audiences with her audacious, vivacious, and brave cabaret style. Meow Meow’s ability to romp through Weimar repertoire while simultaneously fascinating and frightening audiences makes for an enthralling evening. His Master’s Choice­ is such a show… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Frisky and Mannish

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Frisky and Mannish

Frisky and Mannish were last at the Cabaret Festival five years ago. Sure, they’ve been to Adelaide since then in other Festivals, but Cabaret is where they truly belong. For the un-initiated, Frisky (Laura Corcoran) and Mannish (Matthew Jones) are Britain’s maestros of music mayhem, mashing, mixing and making pop music funny. Their new show… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Cole

Michael Griffiths as Cole Porter, photo: Nicholas Purcell

Michael Griffiths has wowed Cabaret Festival audiences in the past with his quirky take on a wide variety of musical styles and eras. In this new show, he becomes Cole Porter and takes us through some of the most recognisable music of 20th Century musicals. Hobbling out to the stage with a cane and spiffy… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – The Front

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – The Front

It is always exciting to be an audience member of a new musical.  The sense of possibility, of artistic creation and drive to produce something new and unique is a joy to be a part of. Lane Hinchcliffe (Composer and Writer) has been working on The Front for 13 years. This concert presentation is the… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Paris Combo

Paris Combo.  Photo by Jorge Fidel Alvarez

Paris Combo has been around for years, and it’s not hard to see why; or why they are so well-travelled internationally, and usually sell out. Front woman vocalist Belle du Berry tells us that the first song is all about love and then follows up with the second, third and so on about love too;… Read more.

Dedications – Adelaide Cabaret Festival

John O'Hara Dedications. Image by Blueprint Studios

Richard Mercer’s long running late night radio program, Love Songs and Dedications, was a melting pot of stories and insights on love. Strangers from all walks of life would call in, in the dead of night, seeking advice from ‘The Love God’ or just to tell their story of love, happiness or despair to whomever… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Under the Covers

Photo: Jeff Busby

Let’s face it, the Cabaret Festival might bring out the chardonnay sippers and the fedora wearers (particularly in force this year), but really it also brings out the freaks and the fabulous too. Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen are strange bedfellows indeed. Part goth, part glam, part Addams Family their act is macabre and freaky… Read more.