Articles on ‘Alex Duncan’

A lie of the mind

With an ambitious and successful Pozible fundraising campaign, an empty amazing space in the CBD and the determination to move a class exercise to a professional production, A lie of the mind opens The Grange, a pop-up theatre and bar. Firstly, who knew that there was a huge empty warehouse in the city of Melbourne! Hidden near Victoria… Read more.

Attic Erratic: Domino

Young independent company Attic Erratic started performing and working together in 2010 and are well on their way to being on of those companies who you have to see what they do next. I missed quite a bit of their early stuff, but not anymore. If you don’t know them, start with DOMINO. Firstly, it’s on… Read more.

Still a bit green

According to director Iris-Edwige Gaillard’s notes, Banana Republic, a live performance in which a roving video camera relays certain aspects to a screen, aims to make the audience think about the differences between experiencing the text as theatre and sitcom.  The acting was of a good standard throughout, and Avi Wanono’s set design made good… Read more.