Articles on ‘Angus Cerini’

The Bleeding Tree – Wharf Theatre, STC

The Bleeding Tree. Photo by Brett Boardman.

As the lights come down on The Bleeding Tree, silence momentarily consumes the audience. From the first moment, this play demands every ounce of your attention and emotional investment. It’s only as it draws to a close that we are able to fully process what we just witnessed. The play opens on three women: a… Read more.

Theatre Works: Animal

Animal. Photo by Pier Carthew

Witness me performing acrobatics (back and forth, back and forth) as I try to come to terms with Animal created by Susie Dee, Kate Sherman and Nicci Wilks. Animal began its development six years ago. It started with an interest in the topic of domestic violence and grew into an exploration about women ‘on the… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere. Melbourne Fringe

An exciting new initiative between Malthouse Theatre and Monash University, Welcome to Nowhere gives us five brand new plays written by some of Australia’s most fascinating playwrights: Angus Cerini, Zoey Dawson, Daniel Keene, Fleur Kilpatrick and Morgan Rose. Rose’s New Bright Future is the highlight of the five. Hilarious, dark and bizarre, this piece also… Read more.

Griffin: The Bleeding Tree

The Bleeding Tree. Photo by Brett Boardman

The Bleeding Tree won Angus Cerini the 2014 Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting and its premiere production is running at Griffin’s Stables Theatre in Sydney. This is theatre made with passion, guts and the conviction that change is not only possible but inevitable. It opens as a woman (Paula Arundell) and her daughters (Shari Sebbens and… Read more.

A week at Dark Mofo

Tennesee at Solid Light Works. Photo by Jess McLaughlin Cafferty

    As Melbourne rugs up for Winter Solstice, Hobart celebrates the last weekend of the Dark Mofo festival. Anne-Marie Peard had to come home to Melbourne, but there’s one more night of the amazing Winter Feast, time to play in Dark Park, music, performances, and the Nude Solstice Swim on Monday morning. Hobart’s, and David Walsh’s, third Dark Mofo festival promised to be… Read more.

Orlando opens at Dark Mofo

Orlando. Photo by Sarah Walker

It was cold in Hobart last night. The sun’s out today but tonight promises to be colder, darker and weirder as the third Dark Mofo festival opens and this gorgeous city celebrates art that’s made for icy dark nights. A highlight of the theatre program is The Rabble’s Orlando, which opens tonight at the Theatre… Read more.

NEON: Resplendence

Angus Cerini scares me. In a good way. In a way that I know his work is likely to disturb and confront me and make me want a glass of wine and some alone time after a show. His company, Doubletap, are next in this year’s NEON Festival of Independent Theatre with a piece written and… Read more.