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Cain and Abel come to Belvoir via The Rabble

Mary Helen Sassman will appear in Cain and Abel. Image by Gary Heery.

How different could our world be if the first act of violence was committed by a woman? What if Cain and Abel were sisters? “Cain and Abel were the two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain was the first human born and Abel, the first human to die. Cain slayed Abel out of jealousy over… Read more.

MTC: Neighbourhood Watch

Any one who saw Lally Katz’s super-gorgeous Stories I Want to Tell You in Person heard about her writing of Neighbourhood Watch, and will be thrilled that the MTC have brought us that Belvoir production. Like most of Lally’s work, it’s personal, dreamy and so dark that that you’re never sure if you’re wiping away tears of heartaching recognition or… Read more.

Beautiful One Day

There are some news stories I remember years after the event. Like some 2004  reports from Palm Island, off the Queensland coast, when a man died in police custody and when the subsequent coroner’s report stated that his liver had been almost cleaved in two in an altercation with a police officer, Senior Sargeant Hurley…. Read more.

I’m Your Man

I’m Your Man is a show created and directed by Roslyn Oades. For 18 months Oades followed around a promising up and coming boxer, Bill ‘The Kid’ Dibb, and documented his quest for an IBF World Title Belt. This piece of headphone-verbatim theatre is a culmination of all her research into this dynamic world. As… Read more.

Simon Stone’s Hamlet coming to Belvoir

It’s classic for a reason: The timeless Hamlet, the enduring human tragedy, one of Shakespeare’s best works, is like a beacon to every new generation of theatremakers. This time, it’s Simon Stone’s chance to turn the skull over in his hands and drop poison in the king’s ear. For Stone’s first time directing Shakespeare (can… Read more.

Stories I Want to Tell You in Person

I fell in deep fuzzy love with the Apocalypse Bear and Lally Katz's writing in 2007 when the bear appeared in a short play set in near Kew at fortyfivedownstairs. My love was affirmed at the Melbourne Festival in 2009, when writer Lally Katz gave him a trilogy of hilariously dark wonders in Apocalypse Bear Trilogy. He's also in… Read more.

Angels in America soars

It’s a rare thing for actors to be given the kind of gifts they’re given in Tony Kushner’s seven-hour epic Angels in America. Over the course of the two sprawling parts, Millenium Approaches and Perestroika, some actors are given several vastly different characters, whereas others stick mainly to the one. It’s a work where each… Read more.

Private Lives, Canberra

With a solid cast and sparse design, Belvoir’s Private Lives is a crowd pleaser. I really didn’t know what to expect going into this production, but I needn’t have worried: it had a vague sense of familiarity about it, a certain Belvoir style that I should’ve expected. Even though it’s a “style” that I have… Read more.