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The Dog / The Cat

The Dog / The Cat | Photo by Brett Boardman

Romantic comedies are a staple of cinema, but it is rare to find a truly enchanting equivalent in the theatre. Luckily, Belvoir has brought back double bill The Dog / The Cat, an onstage rom-com that sparkles. In two 40 minute plays, loosely tied together by the titular pets in each, the bill  examines modern… Read more.

Review: The Dog/The Cat, Belvoir

The Dog/The Cat. Image by Brett Boardman.

A sense of delight is unfolding nightly in The Dog/The Cat, a new double bill comprised of a play by Brendan Cowell (The Dog) and one by Lally Katz (The Cat). Gently, thematically related, this is a double bill done right: a sweet, complementary marriage of theatrical storytelling. Ralph Myers, Belvoir’s outgoing artistic director, both directs… Read more.

Delectable Shelter

A raised, starkly-lit box reminiscent of a department store window display was the first clue that we were about to see something unique. It’s rare to mention set design in the opening of a review, but Claude Marcos’ ‘shelter’ is so clever that it looked as if it were indeed buried with-in the dark dirt-like… Read more.

NEON: By Their Own Hands

I can’t say enough wonderful about the MTC’s Neon Festival of Independent Theatre. Five of Melbourne’s most loved, most successful and most challenging independent companies were asked to create something new – no restraints. We’re still talking about Daniel Schlusser Ensemble’s Menagerie (based on the works of Tennessee Williams) and Fraught Outfit’s On the bodily education of young girls (based… Read more.