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The Dog / The Cat

The Dog / The Cat | Photo by Brett Boardman

Romantic comedies are a staple of cinema, but it is rare to find a truly enchanting equivalent in the theatre. Luckily, Belvoir has brought back double bill The Dog / The Cat, an onstage rom-com that sparkles. In two 40 minute plays, loosely tied together by the titular pets in each, the bill  examines modern… Read more.

MTC: The Sublime

The Sublime

The MTC’s production of Brendan Cowell’s The Sublime left me angry. So, I took some time to think, read and discuss. I’m still angry, and horrified at the arguments being offered that try and explain how this is powerful and brave theatre. Cowell’s play is about football, AFL and NRL. I love AFL. I love going to… Read more.