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The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong. Image by Jeff Busby.

Fresh from seasons of Cat and Two Sisters (there were casting issues, don’t ask), the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society presents a season of the murder mystery, The Murder at Haversham Manor. The poor cast was plagued by disaster after disaster- slow lighting cues, misplaced props, forgotten lines and many injuries, yet they displayed impressive perseverance… Read more.

Every Brilliant Thing is worth living for

James Rowland in Every Brilliant Thing. Photo supplied.

Every Brilliant Thing is the story of a seven-year-old boy who makes a wish list of everything brilliant thing worth living for in this world to cheer up his mother – from Christopher Walken’s hair to staying up till morning with someone that you love. At the beginning of the story the unnamed boy/narrator of… Read more.

James Rowland on the startling Every Brilliant Thing

James Rowland in Every Brilliant Thing. Photo supplied.

Actor James Rowland has come from the UK to Brisbane – it’s his first time in this city, but not the country. Following a week of previews in London, he’s here to perform in Duncan Macmillan and Johnny Donohoe’s one-man play Every Brilliant Thing. This play is the story of a seven-year-old boy whose mother… Read more.

Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious

Craig Robinson. Image supplied.

Craig Robinson is an American actor/comedian best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on The Office, and for movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, The Pine-Apple Express and Knocked up.  Robinson actually began his career in stand-up comedy at The Second City in Chicago, and now he’s heading to Australia in December with a… Read more.

A Winter’s Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night - QSE. Photography: Silvana Macarone.

Twelfth Night is a glorious piece of revelry. When twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck, each thinks the other is dead. The story that unfolds has all of Shakespearean comedy classics: mistaken identity, a shipwreck, twins, cross-dressing, a wedding and lots of laughs. Viola loves Duke Orsino, who loves Countess Olivia, who loves Viola… Read more.

MICF: Grant Busé – The Late Night Sexy Show

Grant Busé

Grant Busé is a performer who definitely knows how to put on a very sexy show. Armed with his trusty guitar, Busé charms the audience with a mixture of original songs and pop music medleys while slowly stripping for the very appreciative crowd. His laid-back and easygoing presence means that no one feels uneasy and… Read more.

Danny McGinlay’s top 5 picks for the 2016 MICF!

Danny McGinlay

With the 30th annual comedy festival now in full swing, we caught up with our regular MICF correspondant, Danny McGinlay, to get his picks of the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival… Obviously my show is the best one at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It goes without mentioning. Why would I even bother telling you it’s called Muck Up Day and it’s on at the Imperial Hotel from March 23rd to April 4th at 8pm? You already know. You’re aware it sold out at Brisbane Comedy Festival and is quite simply the greatest hour of stand up in the history of performance.

Tim Minchin on niche, risk and making good art

Tim Minchin

Stage Door Shrink returns to AussieTheatre this month with a very special guest. Rachel Cole chats with Tim Minchin about Matilda, art and taking risks. A note from Rachi… If you’re like me: an above average height, white, brunette with a reasonably good vocal range, a sub standard double turn, good teeth and gammy joints,… Read more.

He Said/She Said

He Said She Said. Photo supplied.

It’s not often you can tell funny-slash-embarrassing stories about your partner, in front of them AND an entire audience, and get away with it. Radio personalities, comedians, husband and wife team, Stav (Hit105) and Katrina Davidson (612ABC) bear all their hilariously dirty laundry, leaving no bed sheet unturned, all in the name of entertainment. Their debut show… Read more.