Articles on ‘Dan Spielman’

Arts Centre Spiegeltent: Katie Noonan Love-Song-Circus

Katie Noonan Love-Song-Circus is a scintillating ode to the strength and endurance of the first female convicts in Australia. With performances that are searing and flawless, this is one show not to be missed at Spiegeltent. What I love about this show is that it’s not a nuanced attempt to explore the forgotten lives of… Read more.

Bell’s Scottish play

I have a confession to make: I’ve never read the Scottish play and, somehow, I’ve never seen a production. Shame on me, but it left me in an unusual position of being able to see if the Bell Shakespeare production really tells the story. All I knew was it’s the one about the power mad… Read more.

Bell Shakespeare’s Macbeth – fresh and gripping

Macbeth – “The Scottish Play” – is famously believed to be cursed. According to theatre lore, the witches’ incantation in the first act of the play, which William Shakespeare wrote with detail to appease King James, who had written a book on the behaviour of witches, hit a little too close to home with a… Read more.