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Poppy Seed Festival: discussing Blessed with Danny Delahunty

Blessed, currently appearing as part of Melbourne's Poppy Seed Theatre Festival.

Blessed, a fractured love story that spans fifteen years and explores “the stagnant horror of inter-generational Australian poverty in the context of religious mythology”, is the second work in a trilogy of political plays by writer Fleur Kilpatrick and director/producer Danny Delahunty. Chosen as one of four works to participate in Melbourne’s new Poppy Seed… Read more.

Attic Erratic: The City They Burned

Attic Erratic’s The City They Burned is a re-telling of the Genesis story of Lot and his family. I remember learning about godly Lot at my Anglican school: Lot is told by God and his angels to get out of town, Lot’s selfish wife looks back at their town of Sodom and God turns her into a pillar… Read more.

Attic Erratic: Domino

Young independent company Attic Erratic started performing and working together in 2010 and are well on their way to being on of those companies who you have to see what they do next. I missed quite a bit of their early stuff, but not anymore. If you don’t know them, start with DOMINO. Firstly, it’s on… Read more.

MICF: A Modern Deception

Who wouldn’t want to watch a sitcom about three magicians who live together and practice law? Somehow Alex, Luke and Vyom’s show gets cancelled, but as luck would have it, the morning TV hosts have died and Magic Mornings is going Live to Air and even I’d consider getting up in the morning to watch a breakfast show… Read more.