Articles on ‘David Paterson’

HeartBeast’s Antigone goes underground.

Paddy Farrelly as Creon and Bek Schmidt as Antigone. HeartBeast Theatre. Image supplied.

HeartBeast Theatre have stepped outside of familiar territory with the staging of Antigone, not by choice of production (which is always reliably edgy) but rather by taking things into the underground. Their latest offering of Jean Anouilh’s adaptation of Sophocles great tragedy is showing in the wonderful, historic venue of the Spring Hill Reservoir (2-17… Read more.

King Lear – Heartbeast

King Lear - Heartbeast. Photo supplied.

On Saturday night at their Holy Trinity Headquarters in Fortitude Valley, Heartbeast Theatre unveiled their latest offering, King Lear; the well-known tale of the titular King that generally runs amok and drives himself into madness when he falls foul of his own master scheme. Taking an Australian Gothic slant on the play (think Hanging Rock), director… Read more.

Malthouse: Frankenstein

My uterus is still reacting to The Rabble’s Frankenstein. I say it every time, but no one makes theatre like The Rabble does and Frankenstein is stretching their own boundaries far enough for Malthouse to include content warnings. Read them and you’ll know if you should give it a miss. Working with their actors, co-creators Kate Davis… Read more.

Tribes – heartfelt and honest

Heartfelt and honest performances from a wonderful cast are reason enough to see the MTC’s Tribes. With three extravert, attention-seeking adult children living with their over-achieving parents, there’s rarely a quiet moment in this house. Dad (Brian Lipson) is a writer and a never-wrong academic, Mum (Sarah Peirse) is trying to write a detective novel, daughter (Julia… Read more.