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Ensemble Theatre announce 2017 season

Ensemble Theatre 2017 season Play 8, BUYER AND CELLAR by Jonathan Tolins with Ben Gerrard

The Ensemble Theatre have announced ten plays and a special cabaret event for their 2017 season. Three world premieres will debut at the intimate venue in Kirribilli next year, with playwrights David Williamson, Kate Mulvany and John Misto bringing new works to the stage. Artistic director Mark Kilmurry has curated an exciting mix of new… Read more.

Review: The Shoe-Horn Sonata — Ensemble Theatre

Sandra Bates in The Shoe-Horn Sonata, photo by Katy Green Loughrey.

John Misto’s The Shoe-Horn Sonata is Sandra Bates’ swan song. In her final year as Artistic Director of the Ensemble Theatre, she is, along with Lorraine Bayly, reprising her performance from the Ensemble’s 1999 production of this enduring Australian play. Misto’s Sonata is the friendship love-story of teenage WWII nurses Australian Bridie (Bates) and British… Read more.

Review: Dream Home, Ensemble Theatre

DREAM HOME, Guy Edmonds and HaiHa Le, photo by Clare Hawley

David Williamson’s Dream Home is a play about Paul, who moves into a new block of flats. When he arrives, all three women living there proceed to throw themselves at him in a variety of demeaning ways. He’s loyal to his pregnant wife, but it’s not like he can control his erections, and it’s not… Read more.

Ensemble Theatre’s Cruise Control

The first thing to say when talking about Cruise Control, David Williamson’s new play currently on at the Ensemble, is that the cast are electric. Funny, devilish, dry, wacky – they play their characters with energy and honesty. There are some wildly funny scenes, some excellent moments of human emotion – and all at appropriately… Read more.

Review: Ensemble's The Glass Menagerie

A truly great play, is a delicate and fragile thing. The luminaries who write them come once in a generation – if we're lucky. Somehow their words manage to capture something – some spirit or expression previously unspoken and so they enter the public lexicon. Their work achieves the heady title of masterpiece in collective gratitude… Read more.

A tribute to the late Don Reid: Actor, Director, Playwright, Mentor and Friend

Written by Tim Stackpool The Australian theatre and entertainment industry is lamenting the passing of Don Reid, actor, director, playwright, mentor and friend. More recently known for penning Codgers, the story of senior gentlemen who gather each week at the gym, in it Don tells of real life experiences as they exercise together, chew the… Read more.

Australian Theatre scene loses one of its greats: Actor Don Reid has passed away

Australian actor and playwright Don Reid passed away yesterday, leaving the arts community in shock. It is understood that Reid, a founding member of the Ensemble Theatre (Australia’s longest, continuously running professional theatre company) passed away around 5pm on Tuesday 9 April after sustaining a fall. Don, and his partner, actress Fiona Press were scheduled to… Read more.

This Frankenstein is Fabulous

Guest reviewer David Wicks shares his thoughts on The Ensemble Theatre’s Frankenstein. I’m probably the wrong person to review Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre’s new production – FRANKENSTEIN. After all, at the age of 11 (before I discovered girls were much more fun) I became obsessed with the old black and white Universal horror films from the… Read more.

Millerchip in Bombshells is fearless and dangerous

My experiences so far as a theatre-goer have developed for me something of an understanding of what makes a performer great. They have to have phenomenal timing, devastating instincts, but most importantly of all, they have to be pretty well fearless in the face of risk. This sense of fearlessness makes them resolute and dangerous… Read more.

Great Falls – Ensemble Theatre

It’s hard to talk about the Ensemble Theatre’s new production, Lee Blessing’s Great Falls. It’s a play that is written to involve several controversial topics including divorce, rape, abortion and child abuse. And yet it’s not the subject matter that creates the sticking point when talking about the play. It’s more the fact that in… Read more.