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Review: Vice, King Street Theatre

Benjamin Mc Cann and Jess Loudon  in Vice. Photo by Thomas Adams.

Vice, Melvyn Morrow’s new play about sexual assault in the private school system, has taken up residence in the small King Street Theatre in Newtown. It’s a play that insists on “scandal” in every line. Not suggests. Insists. Unfortunately, that’s all it really does. Morrow’s play is dripping with innuendo and loaded imagery, packed with dialogue that… Read more.

Vice: a play ripped from the headlines

Ben McCann in Vice.

Melvyn Morrow’s new play is about to open at Newtown’s King Street Theatre, and it has a distinct “ripped from the headlines” feel. Centred around horrific reality of sexual assault in private schools and written by a former school teacher, this show is set to be a reflection of the darker side of the world… Read more.

Review: Beyond Therapy, King Street Theatre

Beyond Therapy at King Street Theatre.

It’s a topic that will resonate with many in their late twenties and thirties – if you haven’t found ‘the one’, should you settle for imperfection to join the pack heading towards marriage, mortgage and baby? It’s these themes that director Johann Walraven really wanted to explore in Christopher Durang’s farcical play Beyond Therapy. Set… Read more.

King Street Theatre stages two plays in repertory

For the first time in Sydney independent theatre, a company will stage productions in repertory. The King Street Theatre in Newtown will host a three-week season of Three Winters Green and Butterflies are Free from October 17. The repertory season will feature nine actors, some of whom will appear in both plays. First is up is Butterflies… Read more.

Twenty years on, Relative Merits returns to the stage

Twenty years ago, Relative Merits introduced us to David Campbell in his very first professional role. Written by Barry Lowe, this show played Melbourne and Sydney in 1993, 1994 and 1996. Now, two decades later, this highly-charged show is finding its way back to Sydney. Set in 1989, this is the story of a gay footballer, his… Read more.

Exciting New Ventures

Ensemble cast of Harvest Rain's Oklahoma! Image by Trent Rouillon

Les Solomon finds a new theatre and a new theatre company worth exploring This last week with the cancellation of The Addams Family without a tour and an early closure of the Sydney season could easily make both agents and performers throw their hands up in horror and wonder why we work so hard in Australia… Read more.

Richard III (or almost) – a Winter of Discontent

Richard III (or almost) is a play for which little hyperbole is needed. When a play gives itself such a weak mandate – why mince words? Almost, establishes itself in the first act in dystopian modern settings, where actors charged with any crime are institutionalised to act scenes at random from a single play. In this… Read more.

New Australian play set to tackle gender transition

Into the Mirror, a new play by Australian playwright Shelley Wall, will debut next month at King Street Theatre in Newtown. It will meet the confronting issue of gender transition head-on, but with tenderness and compassion. After 18 months abroad, Melanie arrives home to discover that her mother Sally is a complete stranger. Sally –… Read more.