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The Dog / The Cat

The Dog / The Cat | Photo by Brett Boardman

Romantic comedies are a staple of cinema, but it is rare to find a truly enchanting equivalent in the theatre. Luckily, Belvoir has brought back double bill The Dog / The Cat, an onstage rom-com that sparkles. In two 40 minute plays, loosely tied together by the titular pets in each, the bill  examines modern… Read more.

Melbourne Festival: The Rabbits

The Rabbits. Melbourne Festival, Opera Australia. Photo by Jon Green

The Rabbits is an hour-long opera based on a 1998 children’s picture book. Its Melbourne Festival season is sold out and as the Playhouse exploded with joy at the end of last night’s performance, it’s clear that this remarkable new Australian opera is going to be around for a very long time. Adapted and directed by… Read more.

Love Thy Neighbour: Neighbourhood Watch at MTC

The critically acclaimed modern masterpiece Neighbourhood Watch will continue to delight audiences at Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) until Saturday 26 April. Aussie Theatre’s Bethany Simons chatted with playwright Lally Katz about writing, relationships and why everybody needs good neighbours. Since seeing Lally Katz’s unforgettable play Neighbourhood Watch at MTC I’ve been seeing the world differently…. Read more.

MTC: Neighbourhood Watch

Any one who saw Lally Katz’s super-gorgeous Stories I Want to Tell You in Person heard about her writing of Neighbourhood Watch, and will be thrilled that the MTC have brought us that Belvoir production. Like most of Lally’s work, it’s personal, dreamy and so dark that that you’re never sure if you’re wiping away tears of heartaching recognition or… Read more.

Stories I Want to Tell You in Person

I fell in deep fuzzy love with the Apocalypse Bear and Lally Katz's writing in 2007 when the bear appeared in a short play set in near Kew at fortyfivedownstairs. My love was affirmed at the Melbourne Festival in 2009, when writer Lally Katz gave him a trilogy of hilariously dark wonders in Apocalypse Bear Trilogy. He's also in… Read more.

Another Twin by Lally Katz presented by WAYTCo

How much time do you spend online in a day? Do you live there, more in the virtual world than in the real world? Would you give up a complicated, messy, painful life in the real world to live in a sanitized, predetermined, prepackaged virtual life? Lally Katz wants us to think about these things… Read more.

Starchaser – go and chase the stars

Starchaser is a wonderful piece of theatre. A magical world filled with self-discovery. Although this play is aimed towards 8-12 year olds, any adult would find something to cherish in Starchaser with its richly woven plot and wonderfully imagined visuals. I cannot stress to you enough how much I would like you to all see… Read more.