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Win a double pass to Desperate and Dateless at the Malthouse

Desperate and Dateless by Ginger & Tonic

AussieTheatre has two double passes to giveaway to Desperate and Dateless at the Malthouse on March 30. The Ginger and Tonic gals are at a loss as to why their relationships never work out, after all they’re vivacious, outgoing, gorgeous women?! They’ve played hard to get, then easy to get, tried salsa classes, and also swiped right on… Read more.

Malthouse: Little Emperors

Little Emperors. Photo by Tim Grey

Little Emperors was commissioned and developed by Malthouse Theatre for the Asia TOPA festival. Australian writer Lachlan Philpott (The Trouble With Harry) was flown to Beijing to work with director Wang Chong (founder and director of the Beijing-based experimental company Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental) to create “a piece about the connection between China and Australia… Read more.

Malthouse: The Glass Menagerie

Pamela Rabe & Rose Riley. Photo by Pia Johnson

The narrator tell us The Glass Menagerie is a memory play. The narrator is also a character in the play. He is also a thinly-veiled version of playwright Tennessee Williams. Currently at Malthouse Theatre, actor Luke Mullins draws the audience into the play and then into the home of Tom, his mother Amanda (Pamela Rabe)… Read more.

MICF: Velvet

MICF: Velvet

A delightfully dorky musician (Brendan Maclean) unwittingly stumbles into a dazzling, golden orgy of bass and sequins (director Craig Ilott’s vision of a contemporary disco temple) and embarks on a spiritual odyssey in pursuit of a mysterious musical deity (Marcia Hines). Velvet is unapologetically indulgent entertainment, honouring the ethos of celebration and excess that typified… Read more.

Malthouse: Antigone

Antigone. Emily Milledge. Photo by Pia Johnson

In a desolate concrete yard where the only hint of humanity is a prefab building on stilts, a naked young body is dumped on the ground. Malthouse Theatre’s Antigone starts with the Classic story, but it’s not Sophocles’s Antigone but an Antigone for now that’s set in an isolated world where political power is its own reward and where there are no gods… Read more.

Malthouse: A Social Service

A Social Service. David Woods & Nicola Gunn. Photo by Pia Johnson

Separately and together, Nicola Gunn and David Woods makes a rare type of theatre that genuinely challenges ideas and opinions. In A Social Service at Malthouse Theatre, they find a line between reality and satire that’s so sharp that a slip either side could result in serious injury. A Social Service is about a semi-fictional artist (Gunn) who… Read more.

Malthouse: Blak Cabaret

It’s worth seeing Blak Cabaret to hang outside in the Malthouse forecourt, and it’s impossible not to love Kahmahi Djordon King in a frock. Conceived by Jason Yamiru, Blak Cabaret is part loud, brash and sequins, and part heart, land and song. The combination of songs that hurt to hear and satire (written by Nikkiah Lui) that can hurt… Read more.

Malthouse: Calpurnia Descending

As Pennsylvania Avenue opened at the MTC, I know I wasn’t alone as I wondered why. But they’ve just announced extra performances, so I think we know the answer. Meanwhile, a couple blocks away at the Malthouse, Calpurnia Descending opened and restored the faith of us who wonder why mainstage shows like to be safe. Calpurnia Descending has already had a… Read more.

Melbourne Festival Chat: Roslyn Oades

Roslyn Oades new work, Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is already a must-see see of this festival. Developed by Malthouse and the Melbourne Festival, it’s based on interviews with people facing eighteen and eighty – ages that bookend adult life – and features Oades’s “headphone verbatim” technique. What do you love most about your Melbourne Festival show? The generous real people behind… Read more.

Helium: Intimacy

Michelle Ryan danced professionally in Australia and overseas. Ten years ago, she was at the peak of her career and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She used to dance and had issues with intimacy. She still dances and has issues with intimacy. Intimacy is dance theatre by Torque Show – a company including artists that Ryan used to… Read more.