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Blaque Showgirls – Malthouse Theatre

Blaque Showgirls. Photo by Pia Johnson.

Ginny (Bessie Holland) is growing up in Chitole, a small town where the locals – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – don’t accept her as Aboriginal because of her light skin. She dreams of going to Brisvegas to follow in the footsteps of her mother and become a Blaque Showgirl. Nakkiah Lui is at the point… Read more.

The Playbox Collection: a new online compilation of local theatre texts and history

The Playbox Collection has just launched the Playbox Collection, an online treasure trove of scripts, interviews and images from the original Playbox Theatre. This is Australian Play’s most complex project to date, and has taken over two years to complete. Playbox, for most of its time, had a policy of only presenting Australian premieres, and helped shaped the… Read more.

Malthouse: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock. Photo by Pia Johnson

“Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time.” – Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock Five women appear on stage, dressed in the uniforms of private school girls we might encounter in the street or on a train. There is a tension in that familiarity; we have seen these girls before and are about… Read more.

Aphids: A Singular Phenomenon

A Singular Phenomenon

What do a dorky high school band, two bagpipers, 50 gingham tablecloths, Bart Simpson, a watermelon, a Prince Albert piercing, and an ungodly amount of spaghetti alla chitarrahave in common? Enter: Aphids, with their new audience-interactive spectacular, A Singular Phenomenon, appearing for a very limited season (only three performances) at Malthouse Theatre. As we bustle… Read more.

Malthouse: Meme Girls

Meme Girls. Ash Flanders & Art Simone

YouTube is only ten years old. Like Facebook and Twitter, it’s already hard to imagine life without it. And enough people have now grown up thinking that opening your life and your secrets to the world isn’t strange. Meme Girls at Malthouse Theatre is about searching for identity by confiding to strangers on the internet. Created by… Read more.

Malthouse: The Book of Loco

Among walls of tape-sealed cardboard boxes stands a middle-aged man in a suit. He has a beard, an accent and looks like he’s going to sweat a lot. And he might be mad and/or mad as he’s being searched before boarding an international flight. Boom? Aliro Zavarce’s The Book of Loco won Best Theatre Production at the… Read more.

Back to Back’s Super Heroes

If we were to choose the super hero of Melbourne theatre companies, Back to Back Theatre would have to get the cape and Lycra onsie as one of Australia’s most globally known and respected companies who stand by their manifesto to “create theatre to challenge the gods”.  Following acclaimed stunners like Ganesh Versus the Third… Read more.

Malthouse: The Bloody Chamber

Alison Whyte’s irresistible performance of The Bloody Chamber is reason enough to see it before it finishes on the weekend. It’s like being tucked into bed and read a fairytale that lulls you into wanting to sleep with the lights on forever, but finally leaves you safe and comfortable in its blood-soaked darkness. Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber is… Read more.