Articles on ‘Margi Brown Ash’

Prize Fighter – Belvoir, Sydney Festival

Prize Fighter. Image by Brett Boardman.

Every minute of Prize Fighter, the acclaimed playwrighting debut by Future D. Fidel, is essential.  At only 65 minutes in length the play, now at Belvoir after a strong season at Brisbane Festival, is a fight for life. Isa (Pacharo Mzembe), a refugee newly settled in Australia, is a boxer training for a national title… Read more.

He Dreamed a Train Premieres at Brisbane Powerhouse

Good old fashioned story-telling, where everything old is new again. New work by intergenerational theatre company, Force of Circumstance (FOC), He Dreamed a Train is an unassuming gem in the crown of Brisbane Theatre, and so is Margi Brown Ash. The play opens with a natural simplicity; Margi (as Margi) enters a country cottage, apple-in-mouth,… Read more.

Australia Day: Queensland Theatre Company

You can’t say that on television! Oh, it’s the theatre, so it must be ok!! Presented by the Queensland Theatre Company, Jonathan Biggins’ political satire Australia Day is possibly the most un-PC play I’ve ever seen (apart from Avenue Q, but that’s a musical and it seems you can get away with so much more if you’re… Read more.

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy’s Fabulous Friends. Naturally, we entered the theatre by following the yellow brick road and the niggling magic of childhood welled up inside as we first clamped eyes on the marvellous hyper-colour set complete with the fabulous Margi Brown Ash busy inside her caravan. As an early arrival, it was thoroughly entertaining to watch other… Read more.

2012 Matilda Awards announced, Brisbane

On Monday night, the Who’s Who of Brisbane Theatre were out to celebrate the annual Matilda Awards. Held at the Gardens Point Theatre, the prestigious night was hosted by the talented and witty Adele (ahem… I mean Naomi Price), who gave just the right amount of sass to be a very entertaining host indeed. The… Read more.

Metro Arts 2013

Metro Arts have flung open their doors and laid out the welcome mat for yet another year of creation and incubation with a program full of Residences, Cross Stitches, Independents and Friday Night Takeovers. Described as a slow-burn process of reflection and growth, Works in Residence sees artists move into the Metro space for the… Read more.