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Dear Delphine – Melbourne Fringe

Dear Delphine. Photo supplied

Imagine a collection of five Instagram posts. There’s maybe a picture of someone’s burger, a cat picture, a photo of an interesting building, a post-gym selfie and a shot of a tree. Sure, the cat and the tree both have the Hudson filter on them, but apart from that, they have absolutely nothing in common…. Read more.

The Quiet Bite – Melbourne Fringe

The Quiet Bite - photo supplied

In 431 BCE, Medea takes a knife to her children for the first time. 2500 years later a woman in Queensland stabs her children as they lie peacefully in their beds and in a tiny fringe venue in Melbourne, a woman confesses her struggles with IVF. The audience is invited to listen as Kate Stones… Read more.

The Awkward Years: Melbourne Fringe

The Awkward Years. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Remember high school parties? The Awkward Years wants you to remember the drinking, the pashing, the dancing, the flirting, the vomit and the most embarrassing thing you did as a teenager. There’s no time for introductions; that’s why everyone gets name tags. There’s music playing and Ellen’s already crying. The pass the parcel game gets… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Post-Post

Post-Post is a surreal comedy. A mixture of slapstick gags (sometimes cringe-worthy), puns and boundless energy from creators-performers Harley Hefford and Carly Milroy. We’re sitting in a crowded little room in front of a set made entirely of paper and tape. Post-Post sets itself in the surreal world of snail mail, of stamps and yellow… Read more.

Best of the Melbourne Fringe, part 3

It’s the last weekend of the Melbourne Fringe; it’s time to go hard and see as much as you can because when you wake up on Monday, it’ll all be over. And it’ll be time to dive into the Melbourne Festival. Prehistoric Elbow Room and Speakeasy Northcote Town Hall to October 5 Prehistoric made me want… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Gough

Just as selling his budget supply bills to the opposition with a majority in the Senate proved an impossible hard sell for Gough Whitlam in 1975, so too was Gough, the play, written and directed by James Cunningham and performed by Warrick Merry for the Melbourne Fringe 2014. Some people idolise celebrities and musicians. I… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: The Bookbinder

The great appeal of a fringe festival is that there’s always something to surprise, maybe even delight. With their one-person show The Bookbinder, NZ company A Trick of the Light present an endearing volume of storytelling and puppetry “for curious children and adventurous adults”. Inspired by the works of Chris Van Allsburg and Neil Gaiman, The… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe opens next week

This time next week, the 32nd Melbourne Fringe 2014 will be off and running with over 400 shows by over 5000 performers in over 150 venues. Running from 17 September to 5 October, it’s a small festival compared to the Adelaide or Edinburgh juggernauts, but this makes it an event that you can  really sink… Read more.

Attic Erratic: The City They Burned

Attic Erratic’s The City They Burned is a re-telling of the Genesis story of Lot and his family. I remember learning about godly Lot at my Anglican school: Lot is told by God and his angels to get out of town, Lot’s selfish wife looks back at their town of Sodom and God turns her into a pillar… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Best of part 6

It’s the third weekend of the Melbourne Fringe, which means it’s your last chance to see some of the best and most curious of independent art and artists. Fringe is art without a safety net and so many shows are flying. It’s probably impossible to get a ticket to UnSex Me, Black Faggot or They Saw… Read more.