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Fab Nobs’ future in doubt

The future of Melbourne’s renowned Fab Nobs Theatre Company is in serious doubt due its failed production of The Club. The non-professional company presents two musicals and one play each year in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, but audiences for The Club have been poor and it has put the company in rather prickly financial position. “Yes, this is indeed another… Read more.

Knives In Hens

Anyone who knows David Harrower’s remarkable Blackbird, will be eager to see his Olivier Award winning Knives in Hens, written in 1995. This co-production by Malthouse Theatre and the State Theatre of South Australia is almost mesmerising, but gets lost in its interpretation. Anna Cordingley’s design strikes before a word is spoken, as she continues… Read more.

Crazy For You

It’s hard enough to resist humming a single Gershwin tune let alone a whole musical full of them. But Crazy For You, created in 1991 by mining the remarkable song-list of brothers George and Ira Gershwin, is the kind of heavenly overload akin to eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits on your own. One… Read more.