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Swallow - Metro Arts. Image supplied.

Swallow portrays the hard lives of three women as they find a way to survive in a modern world. It’s a story of alienation, isolation, and loneliness. The theme of the play questions identity and the challenge of how every human being struggles to cope with the complexities of life to find their inner voice…. Read more.

Art and Theatre combine in England

England. Image supplied.

England, by Tim Crouch, is the story of a woman in a relationship with an art collector who travels the world sourcing paintings, leaving her largely alone as she gets sick and finds out she needs a heart transplant. The two-hander featuring Barbara Lowing and Steven Tandy begins with the audience being undertaking a tour of… Read more.

Splendour with Now Look Here Theatre

Splendour with Now Look Here Theatre

Brisbane’s Now Look Here theatre company have positioned themselves as the go-to group for audiences that want to see intelligent, text-driven productions and have proven true to their word with the exceptional staging of previous productions such as Chekhov’s, The Seagull (2015) and Pinter’s divine The Lover & a Slight Ache (2016). And this year… Read more.

Review: The Seagull

When a work is immortalised as a classic, it is because the story portrayed continues to speak to new generations whose experiences live on inside the writer’s words. The word ‘classic’ however can be daunting for potential audiences who feel they might not be able to understand a Shakespeare or a Chekhov or might be… Read more.

A Dream Play – Arise Theatre

In a bold foray into Brisbane’s theatre scene, Arise Theatre Company will present Stindberg’s Expressionist work, A Dream Play as their debut production at the MetroArts Theatre, from November 7. Featuring over forty characters played by only seven actors and two dancers, the cast of A Dream Play certainly have their work cut out for… Read more.

Black is Back – A Tribute of Sorts

If Wes Anderson and Tim Burton conceived a lovechild, and that lovechild splattered the wicked espresso flowing through its circulatory system on a stage, A Tribute of Sorts would pretty much be what that would look like. As a winner of multiple Matilda awards following a sellout season at La Boite in 2012, it was… Read more.

Good-bye Miss Monroe: Metro Arts

The phrase ‘world premiere’ often instils a fear of an impending mediocrity. However the recent world premiere of Good-bye Miss Monroe, written and directed by Liam de Burca, easily makes good on the promise and is sure to win audiences around the globe. When Marilyn Monroe was found dead under mysterious circumstances in 1962, the innocence of Hollywood’s… Read more.

Win a double pass to Good-bye Miss Monroe, Brisbane

AussieTheatre is very excited to have two double passes to giveaway to see Good-bye Miss Monroe at Metro Arts in Brisbane. Based on the life of choreographer Jack Cole, Good-bye Miss Monroe is a dance-play written and directed by Liam de Burca and starring Matt Young and Anna Burgess. A pioneer of dance on film Jack… Read more.


It’s awkward as an audience member to feel as if you have walked in on a private therapy session, but then the act of baring ones heart and emotions on stage does run this very risk. Aurelian by Genevieve Trace, which recently played at Metro Arts for the Brisbane Festival was one such uncomfortable experience…. Read more.

Envelope – Out of the mouths of Vertebras

At the age of twenty three, Finn O’Branagain had a sneaking suspicion that she was becoming an adult but wasn’t quite sure how to be sure. So she wrote Envelope. This lead her on a quest to discover how other people knew when they had reached adulthood and in turn lead to the production of Envelope;… Read more.