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Schwartz and Sheldon help Magnormos expand in 2013

Award winning Melbourne theatre company Magnormos turns ten this year, and even while celebrating the success of the past decade, the company remains focused on the future. Well known as the founder of OzMade Musicals in 2003 with a strong emphasis on the development of new Australian musicals, Magnormos’ 2012 OzMade Musicals presentation at Melbourne’s… Read more.

Only if you do ‘Remember the days’

As carbon under the right conditions might form an appealing – but not always perfect – diamond, the elements of Moonshadow combine, maybe with the odd flaw, to give a production that will have a handsome sparkle for many beholders. It is a happy circumstance that the singer/songwriter once known as Cat Stevens, now Yusuf… Read more.

DreamSong – Carnegie 18

DreamSong was presented as part of the Arts Centre’s Carnegie18 New Music Theatre Series, and was essentially a moved reading.  Director Michael Gurr prefaced the performance by saying that we were seeing an abridged version of a much longer piece. The program states “DreamSong is a show about the way faith cultivates desire rather than… Read more.

A Quick Chat With Hugo Chiarella

We catch up with Hugo Chiarella – actor, singer and co-creator of Dreamsong a new Australian musical which will be presented at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio as part of a new music theatre initiative called Carnegie 18.

Government supports new music theatre in Australia

This February, Arts Centre Melbourne will present a wonderful new initiative for Music Theatre composers and writers in Australia, in a project assisted by the Australia Council for the Arts. With a mission to uncover and support bold, innovative thinking in contemporary music theatre across Australia, Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australia Council called for new… Read more.

7 Steps to kickstart writing

7 Steps to kickstart writing

Drew Lane guides us through the dreaded creative block with some helpful advice about ‘getting creative’. Thought I’d try something different for this week … 😉 As many of you may know, I’m a musical theatre composer – yes, as naffy as it sounds when I say it, I write musicals. I’ve been doing it… Read more.

Words of Wisdom (from Jason Robert Brown)

Hey everyone. Over the next couple of weeks, I want to post some words of wisdom that I’ve gained from people who are “in the business”; both composer and performers. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on workshops with these people, and from these I’ve taken a lot of notes. So, what I’m going… Read more.

Moonshadow the musical to be workshopped in Melbourne

The recent trend of workshopping new musicals in Australia looks like its set to continue. Following in the footsteps of Dream Lover and An Officer and a Gentleman, Moonshadow the new musical by Yusuf Islam (formally Cat Stevens) will be workshopped in Melbourne during October. While the musical has previously been workshopped in London, a full… Read more.