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The National Theatre Company ready to launch in 2013

More exciting news for Newcastle Theatre-goers as The National Theatre Company (TNTC) opens its doors this year. TNTC is a Newcastle-based theatre company that aims to be a unique power force within community theatre production; producing high-quality musical, comedy, drama and dance productions and welcoming members of diverse ages and backgrounds. When AussieTheatre chatted with… Read more.

Coming soon to Newcastle!

September is looking to be a fantastic month for theatre in Newcastle. There’s something for everyone; with fringe theatre, ballet and political satire all making their way onto the Newcastle stage. The opening of The Factory — a new 577 seat live theatre venue in Adamstown — as well as the emergence of new local… Read more.

Grounded – down to earth and elegant

When the Pasha Bulker was grounded off the coast of Newcastle, it was one of the biggest events that could possibly happen in the port city. It was a disaster, it was a spectacle, it was an event – and you don’t get a lot of events in Newcastle. Alana Valentine’s Grounded brings us 2007… Read more.

Bill Bailey returns to Australia with new live show

Popular British comic, actor and musician Bill Bailey will launch his 8th Australian tour this August with his brand new live show. Qualmpeddler has all the trademark Bailey elements, so get ready for more musical mash-ups, twisted logic, political ranting, visuals and animation – and a clear-eyed yet surreal view of the modern world. This… Read more.

They’re back: TAP DOGS to tour Australia

Australia’s very own Tap Dogs, from their first appearance at the Sydney Festival in 1995, has grown into an acclaimed dance sensation that has traveled to 37 countries and over 300 cities, being seen by more than 11 million people. Now in July and August they are coming home with a show that’s stronger, faster,… Read more.

Blackrock opens next week

With a stellar cast working hard in rehearsals, Tantrum Theatre’s Blackrock promises to be an unforgettable and enigmatic production. Written by Academy Award Nominee Nick Enright, (born in Maitland), Blackrock will provoke audiences to consider important issues of teenage binge drinking, volatile relationships and the angst and heartbreak of violent actions.  Based on the shocking events which took place… Read more.