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Noises Off

Noises Off. Photography David Kelly.

QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) may need to consider installing oxygen masks in the Playhouse to see Brisbane audiences through the June season of Noises Off by Sam Strong (Director) and Queensland Theatre. The classic comedy by Michael Frayn (Writer) opened last week leaving audiences gasping and groping for air like stranded carp on a… Read more.

St Mary’s in Exile – QTC World Premiere

Kevin Spink, Peter Marshall, Bryan Probets, and Louisa Prosser. Photo by Stephen Henry.

In the largest schism in Australia’s Catholic history, Father Peter Kennedy was ousted from his post at St Mary’s by the Church for his unorthodox practices. The beloved priest was progressive, inclusive (and a bit of a rebel) in the way he interpreted the scripture, conducted mass, and interacted with the community at wide. When… Read more.

World Premiere – St Mary’s in Exile (Video Interview)

St Mary's In Exile - Queensland Theatre Company. Image Supplied.

One of the roles of theatre is to reflect back to us who we are as individuals and a community. It also offers an opportunity to pose questions and provoke debate about life’s big questions and hopefully be a catalyst for change where needed. Queensland Theatre Company provides this opportunity with their World Premiere production… Read more.

Aussie musical Ladies in Black to tour in 2017

Ladies in Black -  Image by Rob Maccoll

The women in black are coming back! Queensland Theatre Company have today announced that acclaimed new Australian musical Ladies In Black will be touring Australia in early 2017 with seasons slated for Sydney and Canberra as well as return seasons in Brisbane and Melbourne. The musical premiered in November 2015 in Brisbane, heralding a triumphant return… Read more.


Switzerland - QTC. Image Supplied.

There is a low hum of people getting to their seats, laughing, settling, catching up with family and friends – suddenly the theatre is plunged into darkness. For several seconds there is a palpable vacuum of noise and light. This is preface of what is to come; a play that is dark and populated by… Read more.

Ode to Shakespeare: An Interview with Tama Matheson.

Much Ado About Nothing - QTC

On the eve of the 40oth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, I had the privilege to sit with actor Tama Matheson in the glow of a newly erected set in QPAC’s Playhouse Theatre, and talk about Queensland Theatre company’s Much Ado About Nothing. This play, arguably the greatest of Shakespeare’s comedies, explores all the varied guises of love:… Read more.

QTC Makes Much Ado About Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversay

Much Ado About Nothing - QTC. Image Supplied.

It has been 33 years since Queensland Theatre Company last produced Much Ado About Nothing, so it’s high time Brisbane had a professional production of Shakespeare’s masterful comedy. Spoiler alert: This review contains important plot points of the play, but frankly you’ve had over 400 years to read or to see it, so… read on,… Read more.

Bastard Territory – QTC & JUTE Theatre Company

Bastard Territory – QTC & JUTE Theatre Company

Standing at three hours long with two intervals, it is testament to Stephen Carleton’s writing and the actors’ storytelling that made this production of Bastard Territory fly by. Audiences may be put off by the unusually long contemporary play, but the only thing noticeable about the length was that the seats got a little uncomfortable by the end;… Read more.