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The Flick

Photo by Jodie Hutchinson.

In an association with Melbourne ensemble theatre company Red Stitch, Queensland Theatre presented Annie Baker’s 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, The Flick, at QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre last week. The play is set in a run-down movie theatre in Massachusetts (designed by Shaun Gurton) with the movie seats facing the audience, projector up the back, and… Read more.

Uncle Vanya – Red Stitch

Uncle Vanya. Photo by David Parker.

Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya explores the boredom of a few wasted lives playing out on a Russian country estate. It is variously described as a comedy or a tragedy, which heavily depends on the production you are seeing. Having seen some bold adaptations of Chekhov’s plays in recent years – Simon Stone’s The Cherry Orchard at… Read more.

Red Stitch: The River

Ngaire Dawn Fair & Dion Mills. The River. Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Award-winning UK writer Jez Butterworth (Mojo, Jerusalem) continues to explore men and masculinity in The River, which has its Australian premiere at Red Stitch. A man (Dion Mills) has brought his girlfriend (Ngaire Dawn Fair) to his cabin by a lake and convinces her to come fishing on a moonless night. On his return, he frantically tries to call… Read more.

Red Stitch: Middletown

Middletown. Gareth Reeves, Christina O’Neill. Photo by  Jodie Hutchinson

There’s an extraordinary depth to Will Eno’s Middletown, from the work’s ability to transcend the mundane aspects of everyday life and reach the lofty heights of our galaxy to its disarming charm and Carroll-esque humour. Red Stitch Theatre has pulled off a remarkable feat in this production, which left the audience in tears of laugher…. Read more.

Red Stitch: Detroit

Sarah Sutherland. Detroit. Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Detroit never says it’s about Detroit. It’s about suburbs where communities are falling apart and the hope of the hard-work way to an easy happy-ever-after is disintegrating in a world where the only real trickle down is insecurity and crisis. Directed by Tanya Dickson, the Red Stitch production keeps its feet in America but feels like… Read more.

Red Stitch: Dead Centre & Sea Wall

Dead Centre & Sea Wall. Red Stitch. Photo by Jodie HutchinsonPRENDERGASTDIRECTED BY JULIAN MERYRICK

Dead Centre is a new piece by Tom Holloway that reflects on and adds a new dimension to the 2008 work Sea Wall by Simon Stephens. Both are solo short plays told from the hurt of emptiness, and this combination of new/local writing with a known-but-not-seen-here work has created an exceptional piece of compelling and affecting theatre. In this… Read more.

Win a Double Pass to Grounded at the Seymour Centre

Win a Double Pass to Grounded at the Seymour Centre

AussieTheatre has two double passes to giveaway to Grounded at the Seymour Centre on Friday, May 1. Presented by Australia’s leading Ensemble theatre company Red Stitch, Grounded is the gripping story of a female fighter pilot striving to reconcile the tensions of an internal war and external battle. Directed by Kirsten von Bibra, the striking and intense production… Read more.

Red Stitch: The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas

Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Dennis Kelly’s cautionary morality fable of corporate greed, corruption and an insatiable hunger for power at any cost, The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas, is superbly executed in the first offering of Red Stitch Actors Theatre’s 2015 season. From the moment we are ushered into the space – a perfect cube of clinical whitewashed sterility,… Read more.

The Flock and the Nest

St Michael’s Grammar School is next door to the Red Stitch theatre and when the school approached the theatre company to collaborate on a production, it was impossible to say no. Working with director Gary Abrahams and playwright Glynn Roberts, The Flock and the Nest was developed specifically for and with the cast of students (a role was… Read more.

Red Stitch: Grounded

See Grounded for Kate Cole’s performance or for the writing or to be reminded how theatre can creep into your heart with a mixture of hurt and happiness that makes you feel a little bit more alive. Grounded is a monologue about an American fighter pilot who is already far away and thinking about drinking with the boys… Read more.