Articles on ‘Sarah Collins’

Best of the Melbourne Fringe, part 2

The Melbourne Fringe is over the halfway mark and only has a week to go. So many shows have already come and gone, while others open this weekend and still don’t know what’s in store for them this week. I’m up to 21 shows, which leaves me lagging behind the most dedicated Fringe goers; if only I… Read more.

Choir Girl heads north for Darwin Festival

At every stop of its festival circuit Choir Girl has received rave reviews. It’s no surprise then, that despite the blistering heat, the show still managed to attract a sold out audience at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Adelaide audience eagerly lapped up the tale of Susan, a chorister caught within a constant cycle… Read more.

Sing! Even if it hurts

In recent Fringes and festivals, Sarah Collins has brought us gorgeous tales about adorable misfits who never lose hope. Choir Girl is as achingly funny and beautifully written as Nothing Extraordinary Ever Happens in Toowoomba (Ever) and Donna and Damo, but it’s a much darker story about a woman lost in loneliness. Choir Girl Susan is alone in a house that’s too big… Read more.