Articles on ‘Sarah Ogden’

Theatre Works: night maybe

There's no maybe about it; night maybe is a must. Stuck Pig's Squealing are consistently a bit awesome and this new work by writer Kit Brookman is as beautiful as it is disturbing and leaves its audience happily lost somewhere between unknown and certain. On a dark night, Sasha and her brother Tom are in park. She has… Read more.

MTC: The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible was my favourite play when I was 17 and, along with Lillian Hellman, Miller was my favourite playwright. This play made me read the rest of his work and so many more by mid-twentieth-century American writers. It opened the door to an astonishing and powerful library. But it’s been over a quarter of… Read more.

Intense and beautiful Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon put on her favourite red dress and went to visit her grandma at the end of her cul de sac. She never made it and hasn’t been seen since. Her parents are still in the same house and spend every day lost in the unbearable grief of trying to find their little girl…. Read more.