Articles on ‘Scott Gooding’

Attic Erratic: The City They Burned

Attic Erratic’s The City They Burned is a re-telling of the Genesis story of Lot and his family. I remember learning about godly Lot at my Anglican school: Lot is told by God and his angels to get out of town, Lot’s selfish wife looks back at their town of Sodom and God turns her into a pillar… Read more.

MICF: Eric, Sammy J & Randy, and Ben

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival finishes tomorrow! Which means it’s your last chance to see all the shows you’ve been meaning to see all festival – and discover the shows that started this week. Eric’s back! Last seen in 2009, Eric’s a one-person sketch show. He’s not a character but a blank page everyman –… Read more.

Comedy Chat: Scott Gooding

Scott Gooding has been involved with more festivals than most of us have gone to. He hasn’t performed, much, for a while but is bringing the very successful Eric back to the Comedy Festival. First seen and loved in 2008–09, Eric is a one person sketch show performed by Scott, directed by Scott Brennan and… Read more.

MICF: Karin Danger

Hot Box.  Karin’s got one. I’ve got one. So do you. It’s that slightly awkward place where we feel hot enough to blend in with the crowd. The first great thing about Hot Box is that it’s at the new, super cute Butterfly Club. The club’s fluttered from South Melbourne to the city, but has brought every… Read more.

Intense and beautiful Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon put on her favourite red dress and went to visit her grandma at the end of her cul de sac. She never made it and hasn’t been seen since. Her parents are still in the same house and spend every day lost in the unbearable grief of trying to find their little girl…. Read more.