Articles on ‘Shari Sebbens’

The Bleeding Tree – Wharf Theatre, STC

The Bleeding Tree. Photo by Brett Boardman.

As the lights come down on The Bleeding Tree, silence momentarily consumes the audience. From the first moment, this play demands every ounce of your attention and emotional investment. It’s only as it draws to a close that we are able to fully process what we just witnessed. The play opens on three women: a… Read more.

Favourite moments in 2015: Sydney theatre

The Bleeding Tree. Photo by Brett Boardman

Theatre critic and AussieTheatre Deputy Editor Cassie Tongue sees hundreds of shows a year. In this piece, she writes about the moments that give theatre its magic: the ephemeral, tantalising seconds and minutes that create a uniquely theatrical sublime. These are not best or worst performances or productions. These are favourites: warm memories of moments, people,… Read more.

Griffin: The Bleeding Tree

The Bleeding Tree. Photo by Brett Boardman

The Bleeding Tree won Angus Cerini the 2014 Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting and its premiere production is running at Griffin’s Stables Theatre in Sydney. This is theatre made with passion, guts and the conviction that change is not only possible but inevitable. It opens as a woman (Paula Arundell) and her daughters (Shari Sebbens and… Read more.

A Hoax – Griffin Theatre Company

There’s no question about it: it’s the script that’s the champion right now over at the SBW Stables Theatre. Rick Viede’s A Hoax is extraordinarily well-written, with whip-smart dialogue that manages to be both genuinely funny and genuinely disturbing. In different hands, this play would not nearly be half as successful. With Viede’s words and… Read more.

A Hoax – an important work of our time

Written by Sydney-based Rick Viede, A Hoax won the Griffin award in 2011, and now Griffin Theatre have collaborated with La Boite Theatre to present the World Premiere of A Hoax. The concept behind this provoking four-hander play about a fabricated story written under a fake pseudonym was inspired by real literary hoaxes, and more… Read more.