Articles on ‘Soren Jensen’

Attic Erratic: The City They Burned

Attic Erratic’s The City They Burned is a re-telling of the Genesis story of Lot and his family. I remember learning about godly Lot at my Anglican school: Lot is told by God and his angels to get out of town, Lot’s selfish wife looks back at their town of Sodom and God turns her into a pillar… Read more.

Mockingbird: The Judas Kiss

Mockingbird Theatre continue to give us memorable text-on-stage productions of the plays that we wish we’d seen the original productions of, and give performers the chance to play roles that they’ve dreamed of. At Theatre Works this week, they’re giving us The Judas Kiss: David Hare’s imagining of the behind-doors conversations in a hotel before Wilde’s… Read more.

Mockingbird Theatre: Equus

Mockingbird Theatre continue to produce theatrically significant plays whose influence continues to be seen and felt in contemporary theatre. And there’s no better way to understand these works than by seeing them. Reading a play is one thing, but plays are not created to be read, they are created to live and be shared with… Read more.

A Death in the Family

I’d not heard of the Ward Theatre Company, but they sent me a snail mail invitation that had black butterflies on it, so I had to see them. If sending a cute invite was all it took me to see this show, let’s hope that your reading of even this opening will make you see… Read more.