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Midsumma: The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince. Photo by Pia Johnson

I remember reading Oscar Wilde’s fairytale The Happy Prince when I was young, and I remember its beauty and sadness breaking my heart. I loved this story about the gilded, bejewelled statue of a past prince and his friendship with a lively swallow. Little Ones Theatre has adapted it into a captivating two-hander that features… Read more.

Malthouse: Meme Girls

Meme Girls. Ash Flanders & Art Simone

YouTube is only ten years old. Like Facebook and Twitter, it’s already hard to imagine life without it. And enough people have now grown up thinking that opening your life and your secrets to the world isn’t strange. Meme Girls at Malthouse Theatre is about searching for identity by confiding to strangers on the internet. Created by… Read more.

NEON: Dangerous Liaisons

The second NEON Festival of Independent Theatre opens with the dazzling high-camp, glitter-bright, subversion of Stephen Nicolazzo’s Little Ones Theatre. Dangerous Liaisons is a 1985 play (which won lots of awards) by Christopher Hampton that’s based on Pierre Choderlos De Lacos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a late-18th century novel consisting of letters between the characters. Being a story about the perverse sexual… Read more.

HELIUM: Dance for me, Salome

“Dance for me, Salome!” Never has Oscar Wilde been so gay – and he was in prison for sodomy and gross indecency when his play Salome was first performed in 1896.  Little Ones Thearte’s HELUIM-season production of Wilde’s Salome is so gloriously indecent that if it were performed in the 1890s, cast, producers, audience and passers by would be… Read more.

Midsumma: Psycho Beach Party

Hot diggity! If Psycho Beach Party isn’t the most hip, groovy and neat-o hit of Midsumma, then I’ve got no idea what people like. Full of lust, longing and psychotic shaving, it proves that you don’t have to be a queen to be camp or be gay to be queer. There’s songs by the B52s… Read more.

Midsumma at Theatre Works: Genevieve Giuffre

Melbourne’s Midsumma festival has been celebrating queer culture for 25 years and officially runs from 13 January to 3 February. Theatre Works starts a couple days early with Psycho Beach Party opening on 11 January. When people in the town are attacked in strange sado-masochistic ways, it is up to the surf-bums and a B-Grade… Read more.

Sydney to get sexed up

The Sydney theatre scene is about to get a whole lot sexier…and pinker. Direct from a hugely successful Melbourne season, director Stephen Nicolazzo’s production of sex.violence.blood.gore will play five shows only next month. “Transporting it into The Old Fitz theatre will continue to support the underground nature of the work and encourage audiences to sit… Read more.

This is why we go to theatre

sex.violence.blood.gore is all flushed-flesh pink and delicate ivory lace, which makes it even sexier and gorier and gorgeous. First performed in Singapore in 1999 in a basement in secret, Melbourne’s first production is in a secret warehouse in North Melbourne and, like all wonderful Melbourne secrets, you need a map to find it and may miss… Read more.