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New Patrick White Playwrights’ Fellow and Award winner announced

STC's Andrew Upton and Polly Rowe with the winners. Photo by Hon Boey.

Actor, screenwriter, librettist and playwright Kate Mulvany is the latest recipient of Sydney Theatre Company’s (STC) Patrick White Playwrights’ Fellowship. The Fellowship, now in its fifth year, is a position for an established playwright whose work has been professionally produced in Australia. Mulvany  receives $25,000 in recognition of her body of work and previous artistic achievements. As… Read more.

Review: Endgame, Sydney Theatre Company

Tom Budge and Hugo Weaving in Endgame. Photo by Lisa Tomasetti.

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame is currently seeing two productions in Australia – one by Melbourne Theatre Company, directed by Sam Strong, and one by Sydney Theatre Company, directed by Andrew Upton. I can’t speak for the Melbourne production, but in Sydney, the production is slowly, creepingly extraordinary: a spell that binds you, over time. Last year,… Read more.

Review: Jumpy, Sydney season

Brenna Harding and Jane Turner in Jumpy. Photo by Brett Boardman.

Jane Turner is the heart and soul of Jumpy, a Melbourne Theatre Co production presented by Sydney Theatre Co that has just landed at the Drama Theatre.  She is Hilary, fifty years old and floundering as a parent, a professional, and a partner, and Turner is hapless and sweetly bewildered in a performance that, under… Read more.

Review: riverrun, Sydney Theatre Company

Olwen Foueré in riverrun. Photo by Colm Hogan, Adelaide Festival of Arts

Olwen Fouéré’s riverrun, her winding monologue that brings shape to some part of the literary beast that is James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, is a curious work that actively encourages you to turn off your brain. It begins as a smooth, puzzling struggle.Fouéré is the voice of the river, taking her inspiration and the bulk of her text… Read more.

Review: Suddenly Last Summer, Sydney Theatre Co

Suddenly Last Summer. Image by Brett Boardman.

Tennessee Williams always encouraged the reach for something more in the stage directions of his plays, seeking for an elevated storytelling method and set design that would heighten and reinforce his close explorations of the humanity he best knew: the world of his family and beyond where he grew up, in the American South, writing… Read more.

The Wharf Revue – Open for Business

The Wharf Revue is open for business.

An institution in Sydney theatre by now, The Wharf Revue, in its 15th year, opened this week at its home at the wharf theatres. This year, titled Open for Business, the troupe (consisting of Jonathan Biggins, Amanda Bishop, Phillip Scott, and Douglas Hansell, a newcomer this year – Drew Forsythe appears only briefly, on screen) regaled… Read more.

Children of the Sun – Sydney Theatre Company

Children of the Sun was written in 1862 and yet, somehow, it manages to feel completely of this moment. The heart of it beats steadily, curiously, towards something that’s so relevant now: our unease in a changing world, our awareness of danger, that we’re not quite out of the woods yet – an impossibility to… Read more.

Review: Macbeth – Sydney Theatre Company

Hugo Weaving as Macbeth. Photo by Brett Boardman.

Walking into this production is like nothing else. The audience (much smaller than usual, only 360 people can fit) sits on the stage, on temporary seating, which is either fine or not comfortable enough, depending on who you ask. In the maw of Sydney Theatre, four rows of seats have been removed, and lighting has… Read more.

Clinical trials with Anna McGahan

QLD Aussie Theatre writer Rebecca Grennan caught up with Anna McGahan, star of QTC’s production of The Effect, to chat about love and other drugs. Winner of the UK Critic’s Circle Theatre Award for Best New Play in 2012, The Effect is a co-production between Queensland Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company, and opened last night at QTC’s Bille… Read more.